“In the light of my deep-sea sailing phobia I have had as a kid, my dreams to travel into far-flung places in the country were therefore limited. But not until Minolo Shipping Lines came in the picture and gave me a voyage worth looking back. – Again and Again.” – Joseph-Xander O. Ramos, “Trekk the beauty of Galera, Sail to Safety with MINOLO SHIPPING LINES” (http://wwwthelonelyplanet.blogspot.com/2015/05/trekk-beauty-of-galera-sail-to-safety.html)

“Sa kada lakwatsa ko, hindi ako sumasakay ng ibang bangka. Iba kasi ang angas at yabang mo kapag nakasakay ka sa Condor, Eagle, Falcon, Hawk, or Osprey; lahat ng ito ay mga pangalan ng mga bangka ng Minolo Shipping Lines o MSL. So next time na pupunta ka ng Galera, wag mo kalimutan… Minolo Shipping Lines lang ang sakyan. Ok? ok?” – http://www.kampeonngpagibig.com/2015/05/10/minolo-shipping-lines-the-safest-ride-to-puerto-galera/

“We chose Minolo shipping lines, the red ferry boat, because their boats are new and on time. One of their boat, Golden Vulture is the newest and fastest, as per Minolo staff. Round trip ticket  to White Beach costs us Php 500 each. Our 6 year old daughter was free of charge. You also have to pay Php 50 environmental fee and Php 30  terminal fee. That costs us Php 1160 for 2 persons. Minolo shipping lines to Puerto Galera, their staff are very helpful. From 1-5, 5 being the lowest, rate of 1 to Minolo shipping lines :)” – https://anonymoustravelsph.wordpress.com

“During my round-trip to Puerto Galera with fellow bloggers last month, we boarded ferries operated by Minolo Shipping Lines (MSL). The company has four “golden” ferries: Condor, Eagle, Falcon, and Hawk. MSL boasts of being one of the first companies to use fiberglass in their motor boats.” – http://www.filipinoscribe.com/2015/05/09/visit-puerto-galera-through-minolo-shipping-lines/

“Getting to Puerto Galera is pretty easy. The only struggle is which ferry to choose when you go to Puerto Galera. I was glad we chose Minolo Shipping lines because it has a steady schedule they follow and also its quite cheap! For about 500php you can have a round trip ticket to Puerto Galera! Its actually really cheap compared to other shipping lines I saw at the port when we got there. When we got to Batangas port we immediately went straight to our ferry. And since its been a while, I was nervous falling off the ramp but luckily the staff help out the passengers when you get in the ferry. Minolo Shipping Line has a very big seating capacity and also very helpful staff that will help you locate which seats are still available. One thing I found really fascinating with their ship is that there is a bathroom so if ever you need to relive yourself while in the middle of the ocean, you can do it there……….

Overall, I would recommend Minolo Shipping lines if you want a safe and noteworthy ride on your way to Puerto Galera.” – “Tara Na Sa Galera with Minolo Shipping Lines” (http://photoescapetravels.blogspot.com/2015/05/tara-na-sa-galera-with-minolo-shipping.html)

“We chose Minolo Shipping Lines. Yun daw pinaka-OK based sa mga forums na nabasa ko. Which is true naman, mabilis and malaki and bago. ^_^” – “Summer Fun at Puerto Galera” (http://yhenbarron.blogspot.com/2013/04/summer-at-puerto-galera.html)

“Minolo is very keen to safety standards. That is why it has always been my choice each time i go to puerto galera.” – Joel Filamor

“Good attitude came from the staff of Minolo Shipping Lines.” – Jennifer Noble

“It leaves the port on time. Its fast and crews are respectful and considerate. God bless their trip always.!!!” – Isabel Trangia

“The most safest & fastest trip from batangas pier to puerto galera” – Khaysea De Ocampo Merciadez

“I give 5 stars to Minolo Shipping Lines. I think it’s the Best!” – Excelsa Villanueva